• Mary Dekker

Stock4Rolls®; The unique build-in toiletroll dispenser

Mary Dekker, among other things designer of sanitairy facilities and owner of S4R B.V. and Mary Dekker Interieurs, has invented, developed, patended and applied a solution for the recurring question: "Where do I leave my spare toilet rolls so they are out of sight and I can still easily get at them?".
For many consumers, the usual applications for the storage of spare toilet rolls are not a good answer to this question. A separate stick on a stand or a wall-mounted holder offer just a practical answer. These accessories do not contribute to a design finish of the toilet or the bathroom. Furthermore these accessories can only hold just a few rolls at maximum. Traditional storage takes up valuable space while Stock4Rolls only uses unused space.


Starting 12-12-2018 prices are drastically lowered, the colours white, black and pergamon from € 179,00 to € 120,00 and the matchrome look from €...