Stock4Rolls White, excl. pipe 120.00incl. VAT

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Stock4Rolls® is a product for toilet and bathroom. Unlike traditional reserve toiletroll holders which can only hold a few rolls, Stock4Rolls offers a new tastfull solution for the finishing touch of the modern bathroom and toilet.

Stock4Rolls®... an innovative build-in dispenser for reserve toiletrolls
...invisibly built in in any unused hollow space, e.g. the space next to the water reservoir of the toilet
...leaves one reserve roll in sight so it is obvious where the reserve rolls are
...can accomodate both standard size and oversized toilet rolls
...doesn't use extra space
...offers room for up to 12 toilet rolls available in the colors white, black, pergamon and mat chromium look.

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Matching gasspipe 130 mm Ø, 1 wall mounting bracket included