Do you want to offer Stock4Rolls® in your designs or projects or do you want to become distributor? Don't hesitate, but contact S4R BV. for terms of delivery and payment

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For the professional

Are you an installer or retailer and do you recognize the added value of Stock4Rolls® for your customers, Then Stock4Rolls®  offers the following advantages:



Promise Stock4Rolls®

New products which arouse interest  by potential buyers


A new innovative way to store reserve toilet rolls

Additional margin per project


Provides additional margin because of fittingmaterial and ½ hour labour

Simple and quick to assemble


Individually packed, includes all mountingmaterial, excludes aluminium pipe Ø 130 mm.

Additional income by incorporation


Each Stock4Rolls® provides additional installation time

Customer doesn’t go elswhere to buy accessories


Stock4Rolls® is built in during the building, renovation or conversion fase. Minimal depth reqiured: 18,1 cm.

Design solution which adds value to the project


A design solution which can be built in virtually invisible in a not used hollow space. In the colors white, black, pergamon and mat chromium look

Smart solutions which contribute to optimum use of the often limited space in the toilet and bathroom


To apply in each design with a hollow space. Can store upto 12 reserve rolls and has only one roll in sight

Clever solutions with added value


Can be built in with a thickness from 6 to 27 mm. for finishing fake wall.

Hygiene solution


The built-in dispenser is hidden in the wal land therefore doesn’t stand on the floor. conducive to health and cleanliness compared with standard solutions. The dispenser is seamless and easy to clean

Allround applications


Will accomodate standard sized rolls and most oversized rolls, thus doesn’t require special toiletrolls

Small packages, easy to store


Manageable package, 25x25x50cm

Rapid delivery


Within the Netherlands in 5 days, within Europe in 7 days



Contact S4R BV. for your price advantage

If you become an dealer of Stock4Rolls® the following offer is valid:

  • Introduction offer of 1 Stock4Rolls® as showmodel, colour of choice, for a substantially reduced price
  • Delivery charges are the same for 1 to 4 Stock4Rolls®
  • For orders less than 4 Stock4Rolls® discount is less
  • For Orders more than 12 delivery free of charge
  • Details of operating data of your company on the Stock4Rolls® website
  • On the Stock4Rolls® website a link to your website or business data
  • Possibily for having a link to your website for further information
  • Dealer data are actively used in promotional activities of Stock4Rolls® if possible
  • It is the intention of Stock4Rolls® to actively promote Stock4Rolls® thus giving our dealers an additional advantage of our communication strength
  • Dealers will receive digital promotional data, e.g. photographs and advertisements, for use on their own website
  • Dealers will receive flyers/brochures to support their offer to potential customers
  • Dealers can use exhibition fair material of Stock4Rolls® for their own (local) fairs

Do you want to offer Stock4Rolls® in your (project-)designs or do you want become a dealer? Don’t hesitate but contact S4R BV. for prices and terms of delivery and payment.