What is Stock4Rolls®?

Stock4Rolls® is an innovative built-in dispenser for your reserve toiletrolls. The dispenser can be built into any unused hollow space in the toilet or bathroom.

Mary Dekker, designer, specialized in luxury and exclusive bathrooms, uses Stock4Rolls® in almost all her designs. The enthousiast reactions of her clients have encouraged her to patent and produce Stock4Rolls®. Starting Februari 2010 Stock4Rolls can be bought at the better retailers in the sanitary branch and at the webshop.

The usual applications for the storage of spare toilet rolls, e.g. a separate stick on a stand or a wall-mounted holder, are functional but do not contribute to a design finish of the toilet or the bathroom. Dirt and dust have free access to the not covered rolls and they often take up valuable space or can hold just a few rolls.

In het dispenser, out of view and protected from dir tand dust, up to 12 reserve rolls can be kept. This depends on the available height. The dispenser is filled by stacking/pushing upwards through the opening. When the visible roll is extracted the next one come down and takes its place. All normal sized and most oversized rolls can be used.

The Stock4Rolls® dispenserunit is made of seamless highgloss plastics with a flange with makes a neat finishing at the tile's edge. Stock4Rolls® is available in the colours white, black, pergamon and mat chromium finish.

Stock4Rolls® summarized:

... is an innovative built-in dispenser for reserve toiletrolls
... is invisible, built into any not-used hollow space, min. depth 18, 1 cm.,e.g. the space next to a standard waterreservoir of a hanging toilet

... always blends in with the (design) plan of the toilet or bathroom
... shows just one roll in view and it is still obvious where the reserve rolls are
... can be used for standars sized rolls and most oversized rolls
... does not use any extra space
... is a hygienic way of storing reserve toiletrolls
... is molded seamless and easy to clean
... offers space upto 12 rolls
... can be supplied in the colours white, black, pergamon and mat chromium look


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